National Parrot Rescue
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Parrot Toy Academy

  • Saturday, July 16, 2022
  • 10:00 AM - 4:30 PM
  • 1424 FM 1092 Missouri City, TX 77459


  • This registration is for a general attendee for the NPRPF Parrot Toy Academy workshop. This registration includes access to all workshop sessions as well as a barbecue lunch and a large selection of parrot toy parts for making toys.

Introducing Parrot Toy Academy!

This full-day workshop will include lectures and hands-on classes from a variety of learned and experienced specialists in the field of avian husbandry and address the making of parrot toys in a way that will give attendees newfound insight into their approaches when providing new enrichment offerings for their birds. This workshop will dive into a variety of topics including: 

What is enrichment? 

How to safely and regularly offer enrichment opportunities that are varied and engaging

What are the medical reasons for the necessity of enrichment? 

Effectively using enrichment to combat problematic behaviors commonly seen in parrots

How to source safe and useful parts for making parrot toys

Putting together safe and manageable parrot toys that address the needs of your individual bird

Managing the safety of your parrot toys as your birds interact with them

Observing your birds to develop future enrichment opportunities to provide a stimulating and engaging environment

This is a full-day, hands-on workshop. A barbecue lunch will be provided as part of the event. All attendees will be given a large selection of parrot toy parts along with the knowledge of how to put those parts together into safe and effective parrot enrichment. This event will also feature several vendors who will have additional toys and parts available for sale. 

This event will feature the following speakers:

Jovanna (Jodi) Berls, CVA, LVT

ABC Animal and Bird Clinic

Nancy Marbach,

Boomzookee Bird Toys

Jan Marquardt,

Busy Beaks

Jack Pine,

Hi Red Bird!

The cost of this event is $99 (and includes full access to the workshop, vendor section, a barbecue lunch, and a large selection of parrot toy parts). This event will take place in the NHLC Community Center. The address for the event is as follows: 

1424 FM 1092

Missouri City, TX 77459

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